FSX Handley Page HP400

FSX Handley Page HP400


FSX Handley Page HP400


Title: FSX Handley Page HP400

Published on: 18-01-2017


File size:  15.0

Requirements:  MFSX


Date added: 18/01/2017

Author: Archive

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FSX Handley Page HP400 WW1 bomber.

Formation of the first 'Handley Page Squadron', as it was then known, began in August 1916 and this unit became operational in France in late October or early November; its first recorded bombing attack was made on the night of 16-17 March 1917.

Operational experience with the O/100 showed that certain changes were desirable. The HP 400 was an improved version. SimTech freeware upgraded to FSX and FSX Acceleration.

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